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    1. What is the difference between birch and hardwood?
      EcoForest Mixed Hardwood is a long burning, 16”, mix of select hardwoods, which offer the longest fire while still being easy to light with consistent burn through. For those who seek a natural beauty, white birch is not only excellent firewood, but is a popular décor item, cut to 12” for multiple venues.


    1. Can I buy whole birch logs?
      Yes, whole logs are available bundles of 4-7 pieces, cut to 16 or 20” in length.


    1. Why is your firewood more expensive than the local firewood I have purchased in the past?
      Ecoforest firewood is very different from your local hardwood. All firewood items in the EcoForest line are dried in a kiln to the USDA standard, which eliminates any pest or mold on the products, and allows them to light easily and burn thoroughly and consistently.


    1. Why is the kindling called Alder Kindling?
      Grey Alder is a type of softwood. In Europe, this species of wood is the most popular used for kindling and is the reason Ecoforest has selected this proven performer.


    1. Can you cook safely over the Bonfire Log?
      Yes. The Bonfire is 100% natural, no chemicals. Cook over the Bonfire Log as you would over any pure wood fire.


    1. Can the Bonfire be re-started?
      The Bonfire Log is designed for single use.


    1.  What chemicals are in the Bonfire Log that makes it light and burn?
      There are no chemicals in the Bonfire Log. The Bonfire is lit by a natural wick made of paper board and vegetable stearin. The log catches fire and continues to burn as a result of the engineering design.


  1.  Where can I burn the Bonfire?
    The Bonfire can be burned indoors or out, in a setting suitable for burning wood, such as a fireplace, chiminea, or fire pit. It should be placed on a non-flammable surface and away from flammable objects. Stone surfaces are suitable, concrete is not.